Why National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is important for the Tesla Powerwall

Why National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is important for the Tesla Powerwall

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Come with me on this…

The Tesla Powerwall has been denigrated in certain parts of the press for having a 7-10 kWh storage.  The press (American mainly, but this argument is also relevant in Australia) have pointed out that a home can easily and often use 40kWh in a day.  As a result, the Tesla Powerwall is nothing more than an expensive back-up, where a generator could do the same job.

These same articles in the press sometimes also magnanimously point out that in Europe it might not be so bad because homes use less power, but in the good ol’ US of A and Australia they’re largely a waste of time and money.

Why could this possibly be?  Europe has equivalent extremes of temperature.  Admittedly the houses are on average smaller.  However the main point is this – European houses are constructed of something more than tissue paper, cardboard and hope, and then given a nice paint job.

Which brings me to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

See the problem?  It’s evident throughout Australia and the USA that the housing stock is just not up to 21st Century standards.  It’s not even up to 20th Century standards.  Nowhere else in the world are houses built so poorly that it is totally normal to pull down a 40 year old home and start again because it’s reached the end of it’s useful life.

If homes in Australia and the USA are built (or even retrofitted) properly the energy consumption falls through the floor.  Draught-proof, solar-passive insulated homes with a high level of insulation are the essential building blocks required before we get into the realms of installing solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls.

As we’ve always said – reduce your wastage as much as you can before you start doing clever stuff with high-tech to reduce your bills.  A 4kWh solar array and a Tesla Powerwall is not going to make any sense if you’re using 40kWh a day like so many Aussie homes.

However, a 2kWh solar array and a Tesla Powerwall is going to make a massive amount of sense if you’re using 8 kWh a day.

Reduce your waste.  Stop pumping cool air into the attic in summer and warm air into the attic in winter.  Insulate, shade, seal and turn off stuff you’re not using.  Then get clever with high-technology and enjoy those tiny little bills.