SmartNow was formed in 2009 to provide Australia with top quality energy monitors and help Australians reduce their energy bills.

Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, and we’ve supplied more than 40,000 energy monitors to utility companies, solar companies, universities, government departments and of course the public.  According to the Victorian Government VEET scheme, we’ve saved Australians in excess of $13,000,000!

2016 is going to be another great year – join us and save thousands on your energy bill.

We’re based in O’Connor, Perth, Western Australia

You can contact us here or email us through the contact form below.  We’re REALLY good at answering emails and responding to questions.  If you really really want to talk to us, please drop us a message with your phone number and some details of how we can help (as much information as possible please) and we’ll get back to you asap.