Energy Monitors

The Energomonitor Energy Monitor is a sleek and brilliantly designed solutions that will solve your every monitoring need.

All Energomonitor products are cross-compatible with each other.

Any combination you can think of is possible.

In addition, the vast battery life on the Senseable Transmitters means you’re not replacing batteries every three months.

Even better, the Energomonitor has an excellent range and can receive data from your transmitters or IAMs up to 300m**!


NetSmart Gateway

Energomonitor Gateway

The Energomonitor Gateway connects to your internet router and posts the data it receives to every five minutes.

It can receive signal from up to 30 Senseable Transmitters or Individual Appliance Monitors up to 300m away!


Senseable Transmitter

Measure your house power consumption or solar generation with the Senseable Transmitter. It comes with a CT Clamp that can be placed around any active cable.

The Senseable Transmitter measures the current being drawn through the cable and sends the reading to the Energomonitor Gateway every six seconds.

CT Clamp

To measure a three-phase supply, additional CT Clamps can be connected to the Senseable Transmitter. Two additional CT Clamps simply plug into the spare sockets on the Senseable Transmitter.

The Senseable Transmitter measures the current being drawn through the three clamps, adds them up and sends the information to the Energomonitor Gateway or every six seconds.

Individual Appliance Monitors

Individual Appliance Monitor

Monitor the power consumption of your tumble dryer using an Individual Appliance Monitor and the Energomonitor Gateway.

Individual Appliance Monitors can measure the power consumption of every (10A) appliance in your home! Simply plug it in, link it to your Energomonitor Gateway and in a few minutes you can see your power consumption online at!


**Energomonitor Gateway can receive data from Senseable Transmitters and Individual Appliance Monitors from up to 300m line-of-sight, typically 60-70m indoors.