CC128 Professor – by Gordon Waldmann


I am not a programmer, but come from an analytical scientific background. I am an educated environmentalist, with an interest in renewable energy, and conservation. My interest in working out how power was used in the home and how this interacted with my grid connected solar system triggered a need to find an affordable monitoring system that could be adapted to my needs. I did not wish to engage the professional services of an electronic engineer or electrician and wanted a turnkey hardware solution with at least wireless connectivity from the sensors that could necessarily be many meters apart.


If you are looking to exploit the full original potential of the CC128’s 30 channels monitoring, with additional features of time slice logging and time slice data graphing coupled with a powerful sophisticated algebraic mathematical equation facility that works with the graphing and all of the CC128 hardware channels, then the CC128 Professor is the ticket. Historical daily data graphing is easy with the provided calendar access. The program is designed to handle daily file creation for many transmitter battery life cycles. >10 and possibly 20 years. Data logging interval is user selectable from 10-120secs. The program supports a live graphing update mode to give real time display of selected channels. The amount of data the program allows the user to navigate could amount to GB over time, and the program will only slow minimally compared to looking at the first days’ record.


The program is offered “as is” and as such is not supported in the normal “commercial application” manner. Help files are presently unavailable may become available in the future via an online donation.



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