The SmartNow Solutions

We have a host of solutions for monitoring your Energy and its cost in real time – so there are no more surprise bills.
At the centre of each solution is the Current Cost EnviR display – a display that can:

  • See how much power up to ten appliances or circuits are using, updating every 6 seconds
  • immediately displays both power use and cost
  • has the ability to post the data to a computer or online via a router

Click to find the Solution for you

I have a home or business

Do you want to monitor your energy use and see how much it costs your home or business?
We have solutions for both single and three phase – it is also quick to install.
So, are you single, or three phase?

I have Solar

Do you want to monitor the energy you use, but also the energy your are generating with your Solar?
If so, this solution is for you.

I would like to know how to see it on my computer

Do you want to see your energy use on your computer?
Do you want to see it online?
Do you want to use Google PowerMeter?
If so, this solution is for you.