I have Solar Panels

SmartNow Can Save You Money

Having solar is great, but if you’ve got a low Feed-In Tariff and you don’t use your free solar power effectively, your power bill could be far higher than it should be.

The Current Cost Online Portal can show you when your power is being generated and when it is being used.

This means you can balance when you want to use energy to ensure you do it at the best time, dramatically reducing the pay-back time on your solar panels and saving you thousands of dollars.

Got a low Feed-In Tariff?

SmartNow can help you ensure you use as much of your solar power and as little from the grid as possible.

Got a high Feed-In Tariff?

SmartNow can help you ensure that you use as little of your solar power and as much from the grid as possible.

Want to get Solar?

SmartNow can help you reduce your power requirements so you can have a smaller solar installation for the same result!


The Energomonitor Gateway can be used to monitor:

  • your energy consumption from the grid
  • your solar energy generation

Where do I see all the information?

Display – Energomonitor Gateway

The Energomonitor Gateway can receive signals from 30 transmitters or IAMs.
Home energy consumption and solar generation are each displayed on their own channel.

You can see instant power use and generation

Online – Energomonitor Gateway

The Energomonitor Gateway sends energy data to https://app.energomonitor.cz every five minutes, allowing you to see your generation and your consumption online!  Follow the link for a demonstration login.